Forgotten Details

March 1-31, 2018
Barrie City Hall, Rotunda space. Barrie, Ontario, Canada

The photos in this exhibition were carefully chosen to represent the cities of Ottawa and Windsor in a different light. All of these components are typically forgotten in our day to day lives. The world is saturated with typical tourist destinations, and we often forget to explore our own backyard. I decided to bring these details into the light and focus on the physical elements in this compilation of photographs. This exhibit is a part of something larger than being part of the art world, it’s providing a space for an opportunity to tell a story through urban environments.


Monthly Artist August 1-31, 2018
Casa Cappuccino. Barrie, Ontario, Canada

Photograph and Biography feature August issue 4 2018
The Northern Appeal. Literary journal, Summer 2018

“Barrie photographer ready for her close up” August 7, 2018
Barrie Today, Online Newspaper