Forgotten Details 

Good evening ladies and gentlemen,

I want to take a moment to welcome everyone here tonight. My sincerest hello to my family and friends, and a warm greeting to newcomers from the Barrie area.

My name is Camilla Jaremek, and tonight I present my premier exhibit “Forgotten Details” in City Hall’s rotunda space.

When I think about photography, I always look to art history and the paintings within each period for inspiration. Whether it is the use of perspective in the School of Athens by Raphael, or the countless paintings of waterlilies captured at different times of the day by Monet, all of the colours and techniques by these masters of art initiated the creative spark in my photographs.

The journey for my photography path began not long ago. I graduated from Carleton University in 2012 with a shiny BA Honours degree in Communications, and I was ready to take on new challenges in the developing media world.

Who knew that I would be carrying a camera on my adventures?

My father did.

For my graduation gift, my father bought me my first DSLR. He always thought I had a creative eye for photography and wanted to set me up with a decent camera. I was so ecstatic to take photos with this camera that I started to recruit every friend I had for a portrait session.

Hundreds of photos were taken all over Barrie in Sunnidale Park, the Waterfront, and in the downtown area. For the next couple of years, photography was a great creative outlet. Anytime I felt defeated or glum, my camera was a tool to perk up my mood or expand on a creative concept that I had in mind.

A new home was needed for my creative concepts to thrive since I had so many ideas to express through photography. A blog platform was born on WordPress where I shared my composition ideas as well as instigating a tracking log of my progress as a photographer. I thought this would be the extent of the professionalism for my photography journey: a few head shots here and there until I started to delve deeper into the commercial side of photography.

People that I knew or people that I had a mutual connection with wanted to find my work and they wanted a simple way to contact me.

In 2016, I launched a business website with my best photos and various links to social media. Shortly after, I made business cards that featured my website and most importantly, a phone number for immediate contact. I was easy to reach, ready for new friends to collaborate with, and I was driven to fulfill this creative path as a structured route in photography.

The year 2017 was a year to think bigger. I did not want to just exhibit work in cafes and restaurants. I yearned for something more meaningful.

I dreamt about having an exhibit of my work.

The photos in this exhibit were carefully chosen to represent the cities of Ottawa and Windsor in a different light. How many times do we walk down the street and notice something that catches our eye?

Is it a flower? The colour of the petals, the scent, or the location of its foliage?

How about street art? A distinctive message, the concept, or the bright colours?

Or even a sign, where it diverts our attention to enter a store or to see if we are on the right street?

All of these components are typically forgotten in our day to day lives. The world is saturated with typical tourist destinations, and we often forget to explore our own backyard. I decided to bring these details into the light and focus on the physical elements in this compilation of photographs.

In order to emphasize the lines and shadows, I made the choice to have these images in black and white. Generally speaking, when something is showcased without any color, it adds a sense of allure and drama to the overall composition. After all, it was Vincent Van Gogh that said,

“My opinion is that the best thing would be to work on till art lovers feel drawn toward it of their own accord, instead of having to praise or to explain it.”

This exhibit is a part of something larger than being part of the art world, it’s providing a space for an opportunity to tell a story through urban environments.

I am a photographer who captures moments and transforms them into a story.

As for my story, it hasn’t ended just yet.

On March 6th  from 6:30 pm to 9:30pm at Five Points Theatre, I will be part of the Artrepreneur Expo presenting my photography business to the public along with my fellow graduates of the Artrepreneur program.

Until then, my works will be up until March 31 here in the Rotunda space 8:30am to 4:30pm for viewing.

Please enjoy the first viewing of the exhibit “Forgotten Details”.